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Democratic Peace Theory (Essay Sample)


The democratic peace theory provides that countries that practice democracy are more peaceful in the international arena than those who have autocratic governments. The essay supports this assertion by providing evidence why the theory is true. Some of these theories include the fact that democracies have elected leaders and practice legislative decisions.


Democratic Peace Theory
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Democratic Peace Theory
Democratic countries are believed to have some benefits over nondemocratic countries. For instance, democratic countries are believed to have more peace than other types of political governments. There are a few theories that have come up associated with democracy. We have democratic peace theory where it is a proposition that those who practice democracy are more peaceful as far as their foreign relations are concerned (Gat, 2005). In other words, other countries that practice other forms of government are more likely to indulge in wars with other countries than the liberal democratic government forms.
There are reasons why democratic countries hesitate to go to war with other countries. For example, one reason for this is that in democratic countries, the public domain possesses say over those legislative decisions that would seek to declare war. Moreover, another reason is, in the democratic jurisdiction, the voting public does hold their leaders they have elected responsible for

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