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Effects of Caffeine on Cognitive Functions Social Sciences Essay (Essay Sample)


discuss the Effects of Caffeine on Cognitive Functions


Effects of Caffeine on Cognitive Functions
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Effect of Caffeine on Cognitive Functions
Cognitive skills can be considered as either natural or else artificial. The concept of perception in this context refers to the ability of one to apply information dispensation, application of knowledge as well as changing preferences. Cognition in particular is a compound concept involving, attention, memory, perception, the language in addition to psychomotor functions. Moreover, all these processes are influenced by moods, arousal levels, reflective alertness, physical well-being, and also motivation. Caffeine precisely does not generally influence performance in activities involving learning or memory tasks; though it may irregularly have repressive impacts on memory. In summary, caffeine in itself cannot be grouped as a `pure' intellectual enhancer.
Internationally, it has been projected that about 16 out of 100 newborns are born of very low birth mass. High intake of caffeine during pregnancy is allied to low birth weight newborns, illness, and also neonatal deaths. Caffeine being an alkaloid is found largely in coffee, cocoa, soft beverages, and tea. Higher maternal caffeine ingestion during the prenatal period is related to higher risks of delivering infants with low weight. In an efficient review built on types of caffeine substrate ingestion, the danger associated with low-slung birth weight amplified with cumulative stages of caffeine consumption. The review also established that the dangers of low birth mass were meaningfully sophisticated even in groups with low and reasonable caffeine consumption, as equated with their reference cluster who had very low caffeine drinking habits (Wei, et al., 2014).

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