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Social Inequality In The US Education Sector Social Sciences Essay (Essay Sample)


Argumentative essay on whether there is social inequality in the US education sector


Social Inequality in the US Education Sector
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Social Inequality in the US Education Sector
Social inequality exists in the US between men and women. Women are discriminated against, especially in the education sector, because they are given few employment opportunities, have fewer mentors, and take longer to achieve their career goals than men.
Women get a few employment opportunities compared to men. For instance, Robinson et al. (2017) state in their article that “there is a continuing dearth of women in the superintendency” (p.2). This shortage results from school boards preferring men superintendents compared to women. This evidence shows that there is social inequality in the US between men and women, with men having the upper hand. However, it is not the only indicator of this inequality.

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