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The Effects of the Russian-Ukraine War (Essay Sample)


This paper focuses on the recent international crisis; the russian invasion of ukraine. the paper discusses the speculative reasons FOR the war, the current status, AND the effects that it has caused ON the people of ukraine, among other related issues. ON the international spectrum, i have also pointed out on how the war has caused a WORLD ECONOMIC crisis. THESE two countries are big players in THE world economy with ukraine exporting grains, and russia being a major exporter of natural gas and other petroleum products.


Russian and Ukrainian war
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Russian and Ukrainian War
The Russian military claimed responsibility for the recent ruckus that rocked Ukrainian air defenses and the Ukrainian Air Force, after a series of explosions that rocked the nation. In order to demilitarize Ukraine and "de-Nazify" it, Vladimir Putin ordered Russia's military to launch the much-discussed offensive on Ukraine. Russian President Vladimir Putin stated that Ukraine's attacks on the two separatist areas of Donetsk and Lugansk, which Moscow recognizes as independent republics, necessitated military action by Russia (Kuzio, 2022). Vladimir Putin has warned that Russia may be attacked unless Ukraine's far-right government loses its grip on power. He accused the West of providing military aid to Ukraine in its conflict with Moscow. Because this was the genesis of the conflict between Russia and Ukraine, this article will explore and explain its causes as well as the ramifications for the world economy and population as a whole.
The protracted conflict between Ukraine and Russia will have a significant effect on both the economy and the 

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