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Emergence management Social Sciences Essay Research (Essay Sample)


the task was to explain the role of the local community in emergency management. The sample is about the measures that the community should take to manage disaster/emergency.


Emergency Management in Norfolk, Virginia
Emergency Management in Norfolk, Virginia
Emergency management is the organization of the framework and resources needed in case of a disaster to reduce its effects on the people. Community members play a significant role in reducing the impacts of a disaster. Usually, people at the community level are the most vulnerable in case of any disaster (Sarabia et al, 2020). Therefore, basic knowledge on ways to respond and manage emergencies is vital for the community.
The community should implement an emergency notification system to notify the community members in case an emergency is imminent. The community members should choose the most appropriate way to be notified such as the Integrated Public Alert Warning System (Doke et al., 2020). This ensures the message is distributed to the citizens and they can respond in time.
Community members should be educated on practices of individual preparedness in their homes. For instance, every household should have a carbon monoxide detector and a functional fire extinguisher. They should know how to respond to gas leaks or fire outbreaks in case of an emergency. This ensures a faster response and reduces the impact that could be caused by an emergency

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