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Ethics in the Current Global World of Business (Essay Sample)


The assignment required me to use the sources provided to define ethics I n the current global world of business. The sources were provided by the client and the task required no outside sources. below are further requirements from the client.
Define ethics as it relates to business in this global economy. Requirements:
Submit a Word document.
Maximum three pages, minimum 500 words in length.


Definition of Ethics in Global Business
Student Name
Definition of Ethics in Global Business
In the contemporary global economy, business ethics can be defined in terms of human resource development. For decades, ethics in business have focused on other dimensions while ignoring the role of HR in business performance. Since the advent of the COVID-19 pandemic, businesses have changed how they operate, and HR has played a fundamental role in this shift. HR has been fundamental in supporting employees throughout the pandemic by ensuring they are supported, safe, and working to accomplish the goals and objectives of various businesses. This means that businesses should now consider the contributions of HR in making ethical decisions because they currently occupy a great role in the success of most businesses in this global economy. In other terms, it is time for businesses to consider and acknowledge the interests of HR because they deal with a 

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