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An Evaluation to How—and How Not—to Love Mankind by Theodore Dalrymple (Essay Sample)


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Reflective Essay: How—and How Not—to Love Mankind by Theodore Dalrymple
In the article that Dalrymple compiled, the main philosophical argument that is presented is on how human beings may choose to love fellow humankind or not. The article clearly illustrates this scope by analyzing the works of popular philosophers in history who were much influential during the 19th century. Therefore, the author has combined the writings of Ivan Turgenev and Karl Marx, who were born in 1818 and later passed on in 1883. However, studies have shown various similarities in the works of these philosophers in a natural context. Nevertheless, both writers visualized humankind differently, which serves as the critical distinction between them. According to the view by Turgenev, humankind is viewed as individuals who possess moral strength, character, feelings, and weaknesses that are different among them all (Dalrymple 163). Compared to Turgenev, Karl Marx visualizes humankind as a collection of people primarily affected by their external environment. In this regard, Dalrymple tries to explain the difference in how the two writers view humankind in different circumstances. Verily, the article tries to explain how humankind depicts love to fellow humankind in a specific situation while sometimes fail to show the same love to others in the same situation. In this article, we will evaluate the main argument, how he supports his argument, and finally, my reflection on his writing.

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