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Factors Salient in Terms of Voting Predictability (Essay Sample)


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Why are Certain Factors such as Age, Region, Class, Race, Religion, And Education so Salient in Terms of Voting Predictability?
Voter’s predictability has been determined by various factors including age, region, class, race, religion, and level of education, which have a major impact on how an individual votes during an election. These elements are thought to be important in forecasting voting habits. This is because these elements have been discovered to influence how a person perceives political ideologies, and they influence people's opinions and attitudes, which motivates them to vote for a certain party or person (Hughey, 2020). For example, age significantly impacts voting predictability since older individuals prefer to remain more conservative and vote for the Republican party. In contrast, younger people are more likely to vote for the Democratic party because their ideas are more progressive. According to a survey by Circle (2021), the age disparity in casting votes was visible in the presidential election of 2020, as young voters aged 18 to 19 registered a 46% turnout, resulting in Biden's victory. Furthermore, 65% of voters aged 18-24 supported Biden, while those aged 65 and above supported Trump (Circle, 2021).
Another crucial aspect is the region, as individuals in various sections of the nation can have different political views, leading them to 

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