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Why is Guilty but Mentally Ill a Controversial Verdict? (Essay Sample)


Write a one page essay on Why is guilty but mentally ill a controversial verdict? What does this verdict often mean for defendants?
This is a master's level assignment
It should be double spaced in Apa format and write in us English language.
Have a clear introduction body and conclusion.
Properly site the essay and include a reference page


The Controversial Guilty But Mentally Ill Verdict
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The Controversial Guilty But Mentally Ill Verdict
The controversial verdict of Guilty but Mentally Ill (GBMI) is gaining favor in the criminal justice system. The decision allows consideration of a defendant's mental illness for determining criminal guilt. It is an attempt to recognize the rights of defendants with mental illness while simultaneously holding them accountable for their actions (Adjorlolo et al., 2019). It can be difficult to achieve a GBMI judgment since it demands balancing the rights of the accused with the goals of justice.
The basic problem with the guilty but mentally ill verdict is that it does not give a suitable answer to the difficulties mentally ill defendants confront in the 

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