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Why Rap Music Contains so Much Anger and Explicit Content (Essay Sample)


rap music is often filled with anger and explicit content since it is used as an expression of oppositional culture. Nevertheless, since rappers have realized that vulgar lyrics and uncensored scenes result in increased sales and prominence, they are more willing to produce songs with such content.


Why rap music contains so much anger and explicit content
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Rap music in perspective
Rap is a music genre that originated in Britain during the 15th and 16th centuries. Currently, it is not only one of the most popular but also among the most marketable music genres in the world. Apart from the entertainment industry, rap music has also dominated the fields of sports, technology, and venture capitalism. Regardless of its popularity, rap music has a bad reputation as many of the songs contain violent lyrics and uncensored scenes (Kresovich et al., 2021). Rap contains much aggressive and explicit content as it is a boundless medium of self-expression.
Rap music originated to express oppositional culture. When Africans were involuntarily captured by Americans and forced into slavery, they were very miserable and infuriated by the height of injustice in society (Hart & Day, 2019). During times of tremendous pain and heartbreak, they used rap music to help them cope with the situations

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