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Frameworks (Essay Sample)

Evidence for medical and nursing practice is supported by research. Health care policy has evidence supported by research. The key is to get that information to the legislators or policy-makers to guide in decision-making. In the lecture, three frameworks were reviewed that focused on disseminating the research or evidence. Your assignment is to: 1. Go to the literature and research information on the framework that would be the best one for changing the policy you are doing for your policy analysis paper 2. Write in one page or less: a. Describe and discuss the policy framework b. What is the framework's effectiveness for dissemination of policy c. Why it would work best for your policy APA format for the paper: title page, double space, page numbers (no running head), proper in-text citations, references source..
Frameworks Name of Student Affiliate Institution Frameworks Brief Description The framework comes into five phases; namely, knowledge, persuasion, decision, implementation, and confirmation. Accordingly, the framework takes into account, just as Greenhalgh, et al. (2016) note, the need to narrow down from broad array of options. This is the reason for the persuasion stage, followed by the decision to help choose before implementing, and then confirming based on the outcomes. Impacts From the analysis of the framework by Dobbins et al. (2002), it is evident that it has strong support for the policy change. Ideally, the framework acknowledges the existence of the four key factors in the process of policy adoption, including innovation, individuals, organization, and environment. For the case of the policy, the environmental factors are aspects such as political and economic elements surrounding the adoption of the innovation. As well, the individuals involved, including the stakeholders, the mental health workers, and the college students who would be willing to take up the course with the motivation of a waiver on their student loans, comes into play (, 2018). Lastly, evidence-based practice requires the availability of options that one can select from to make a decision (Brownson et al., 2017: Verma & Bhatia, 2016) Applicability First, just like many other policies, there are steps that have to come into play. This framework captures all the stages that the policy follows. In particular, the persuasion stage of the framework is the most crucial for the policy to help identify any probable obstacles in the implementation. Through focusing on the patient outcomes and the mental health college registration, it is possible to make a confirmation as to the effectiveness of the policy. This could also enable the stakeholders bring in their opinions on what may need a change and how. References Brownson, R. C., Baker, E. A., Deshpande, A. D., & Gillespie...
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