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Counseling Case Studies: The Existential And Person-Centered Therapy (Essay Sample)


I was instructed to choose one case study for existential counseling and one for Person-centered COUNSELING and use them to answer the questions that were provided.
This sample is about the analysis of COUNSELING case studies using the existential and person-centered therapy approaches.

DAAC Counselling Theories: Counseling Case Studies Student’s Name Institutional Affiliation Submission Date Abstract In counselling, therapists use different approaches to provide counseling to patients with unique needs. This paper discusses the application of psychotherapy theories in two different scenarios. The first case study is about the use of existential therapy to solve Pauline’s case which involves dealing with a terminal disease, leukemia. This approach is relevant in this situation since Pauline needs to accept her condition and the possibility of death to live a quality life. Her condition will only improve she adopts a new lifestyle and a positive attitude towards herself and life. The second case study uses person centered theory to help Helga overcome depression. This approach requires therapists to show respect, understanding, and have a non-judgmental attitude towards their clients. In this case, the therapist is expected to support Helga’s decisions and give positive comments in both negative and positive decisions. However, it is unethical for a counselor to support decisions such as suicide resulting from depression since such people are capable of improving their lives. DAAC Counselling Theories: Counseling Case Studies Case Study: Pauline Facing Death Pauline is a young adult facing the reality of death after she was diagnosed with leukemia. As she sits across me, she expects her therapist to give her hope and renew her strength. As an existential therapist, my immediate reaction would be to empathize with her situation and create an environment that radiates positivity. First, I would let her know that I understand what she has been going through since she received the sad news that she had leukemia. Second, I would comfort her by letting her know that she had come to the right place where we would address most of her fears, find peace, and meaning to life by facing reality. I would, therefore, let Pauline understand that the essence of existential therapy is to encourage individuals to face reality. Cooper (2016) identifies the concerns of existence as freedom, death, meaninglessness, and isolation. The work of counsellors is to guide clients in exploring their physical, spiritual, social, and personal dimensions. At this point, I would tell Pauline that death is inevitable since it is a rite of passage. Only the timing and circumstances of death differ, I would then let her know that in as much as leukemia is a terminal disease, she had the power to live a fulfilling life by making adjustments to her social, personal, spiritual, physical experience. I perceive death as a painful process of life. It signifies a sudden end to a person’s way of life, values, beliefs, and human interactions; and ushers in a state of uncertainty since no one knows what lies behind the death. Nonetheless, death is inevitable, and the only way to reduce the painful thoughts and anticipation is to accept and prepare for it psychologically. This mindset plays a crucial role in therapy since I demonstrate to Pauline that every other person fears death, but it is a process that we will all undergo. Acceptance of the current situation and the possibility of death; and finding meaning to life by building her social, physical, spiritual, and personal life would be goals that I set for Pauline. I would like to change her mindset regarding terminal diseases. I also understand that Pauline would be outrageous since she just realized she would not live for long. As an existential therapist, I would let her open up and pour out her emotions through crying, punching a bag or any other way to overcome her emotional conflicts. Once she calms down, she would realize that her current situation was a reality and she had to face it. Helping Pauline to accept her fate would involve different approaches. First, I would help Pauline recognize and confront her defense reactions, and denial then helps her replace them with healthy emotions such as needing to embrace a lifestyle change. Second, I would show humanity by giving Pauline hope of living her best life and growing towards self- actualization without exaggerations or over-optimism. Lastly, I would let Pauline know the importance of having a family therapy which would be an effective way of coping with her emotions. In as much as a terminal disease takes away any hope of quality life, I believe I can help Pauline live her best life by first eliminating all conflicting emotions and denial then letting her accept reality. It is then likely that she will cultivate positivity with the help of her loved ones. Person Centered Counseling: The Case of Helga Helga is seeking counseling services because she is experiencing depression. As a therapist, her situation saddens me, and I develop an immediate urge to help her. Helga’s narration of her grief makes me reflect on my past, and I realize that her condition is prevalent among many people in their 20s and 30s. I feel sympathy, pain, and sadness and wish that she had friends or she could be near her loved ones. I hear Helga say that she has given up on life, she has no hope of living, and she feels empty within. Helga wishes to end her misery by dying. Given the way the lady expresses herself, there is hope that she will overcome her situation. I believe so because she has taken the most significant step of solving her problem by opening up and admitting that she feels suicidal. She already trusts her therapist, th...
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