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Social Sciences: The Synthesis Of Art And Astronomy In Society (Essay Sample)


Synthesis of art and astronomy in society.

Synthesis of art and astronomy in society Name Institution Synthesis of art and astronomy in society Astronomy and art are fields that have set to satisfy people's curiosity about the world by answering questions that were thought not to have answers before. Since time immemorial, humans have looked to the sky for answers centering their belief and value system on the constellation of stars (Miller, 2014). The importance of art and astronomy shows how deeply they have been synthesized in the society. Astronomy has played a role in the development of imaging tools such as MRIs and scanners used in hospitals which consist of a combination of multiple telescopes first developed by a radio astronomer. Astronomical objects in space that help determine accurate locations are used by global positioning system satellites which are now used in cars and cell phones for tracking. Further, cameras in cellphones contain charge coupled devices that convert the electrical charge to a digital value which were developed for use in the field of astronomy. X-ray observatory technology used in airports to check luggage was also first designed for missions on Mars (Hall, 2003). Art with the aid of astronomy has helped people see the wonders of outer space. Some artists work closely with scientists of astronomy to explore and convey the ideas emerging from the exploration of the earth. Artists express these discoveries in better ways than any blurry images from astronomical imagers could ever do. The society has been able to see the universe and outer space through the eyes of artists and astronomers in magazines, websites, documentaries, and sculptures. A collaboration of art and pooling of astronomers’ telescope images also helped to create the first map of the entire sky which has helped people travel all around the globe in p...
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