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Racial Discrimination Among Different Races: How People Treat Others? (Essay Sample)


Racial Discrimination among Different Races


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Sociology 122
Racial Discrimination among Different Races
The United States is a very diverse country. Of its population, it comprises different types of races from other parts of the world. This is because of its advancement in technology, infrastructure and availability of work industry that people go to better their lives. According to the Statistical Atlas, there are around 64% of White, 16% of Hispanic, 13% of Black, 5% of Asian, and the rest of 2% for other races nowadays in this country ("Race Relations Unit - Demographics"). Although individuals from different countries have travelled overseas to make their lives better in the United States, they get faced with different challenges that hinder and lower their dreams in such countries. In the United States, racial discrimination is a regular thing that sometimes when individuals get to the state they are very sure that they have to face that challenge. The foreigners get treated differently from the citizens of the United States ("Myth of Race"). They are thought to be lazy and people who are not well of due to their skin color. It is challenging for an individual to convince the citizens of such a superpower nation that he can do something better than them because of that negative perception they have towards the other people of other countries. When it comes to access to facilities, the citizens have to be given priority then the foreigners will be considered later or sometimes will not even be recognized if they do even exist.
It is very difficult for racism to be experienced in the countries were law is followed from the former to the later. The countries should respect human rights and allow them to explore other nations freely by allowing them to share their ideas that will help them to build the nation not to just discriminate them due to the perception them have in mind about the black Americans being arrogant and stupid. Through the experience I had in the United States, it will forever remain in my mind on how the foreigners get treated by the citizens of a particular nation. It explains why I used to ignore this severe problem while it is happening all over the world. However, now I became the minority in this country. I could not have known if discrimination of race existed if I could not have studied in the United States. Sometimes it is better to explore diversity which will make you know the life of other individuals out there. It is crucial for both the history of ourselves and that of the coming generations ("Myth of Race"). Through this one could be ready to tackle the problem even mentally before he faces it physically.
After studying in the U.S. for more than three years, I have experienced stereotyping and unfair treatment from my teachers as well as my fellow students in the class who could not share even a pen with me. They though me to be minor who came to compete with them regarding getting enriched with education. They always mocked me by telling me that in my nation people are sufferers because no quality education's why I decided to get into their country for more information. They could even nickname me names that made me feel that I was in a nation that I should not be. My life was uncomfortable since that was not the treatment that I expected from such a developed and enhanced country. I realize people do discriminate against others due to skin color and it just makes me feel so uncomfortable and unreasonable ("Race Relations Unit - Demographics"). Silence is not the way to solve it. In this paper, I want to talk about what makes the U.S. become a diverse country, how people treat others differently depending on their races, African American and Asian American in specific, and my expectation towards the problem for the future. I claim that racial discrimination is one of the most unfair, wrong and harmful problems in the world which I hope people can face it and express their feelings bravely. The vice is unexpected and should get punished by law ("Myth of Race"). In these following paragraphs, I would prove that racial discrimination is a serious problem that has been experienced by several individuals by using academic sources and in-class readings.

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