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Garbology (Essay Sample)


the task was to write about garbology using an article provided. the article was used to gauge the middle class using the garbage that is collected.

An examination of the refuse of a household for a period of one week can provide information about the religious beliefs, economic status, or political systems of that particular household. Taking an example of garbage list such as food scraps, packaging bags, paper, old toys, lamp shades, books, and blue-jeans, one can interpret several things regarding the house hold. The first information would be an estimate of the number of individuals within that household, which can be four implying a two parents and two kids. The books and paper in the garbage is an indication of an educated family most probably belonging to the middle class. Newman Rick in his article attempting to gauge one’s middle class status argues that based on the education of a middle class house hold, the head typically has a degree from high school in addition to two or three years college education. Food scraps thrown in the garbage implies that the family can afford to buy food and thus eat well. The received wisdom in the society has it that the middle class eat well and are able to cook.
The collected garbage can also provide information regarding the religious beliefs of the household. It is known across the globe that the mainstream religions are always inclusive and thus recruit from a wide range of social classes. However, the established religions such as the England church have a propensity to be middle class with the church leaders coming from the privileged backgrounds. The other denominations in most cases usually have a large number of the working class while the cults recruit from the margina...
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