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Roles and Behaviors (Essay Sample)


Create a fictional company and write a paragraph explaining your fictional company. Describe the main roles and behaviors of the following: Entrepreneurs Managers Employees Answer the following question separately after you have described the roles and behaviors of the above. What behaviors and attitudes should be cultivated in your organization?


Roles and Behaviors
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The Riders Company Limited is dedicated to providing quality spare parts for vehicles to their customers. The company has highly qualified personnel to ensure that the customer gets what he/she deserves, starting from quality service from the employees to quality products for their motor vehicles. We are situated in Lincoln Street, New York.
The entrepreneur here serves a central role in the economy; that is, coordinating every economic activity, (Tracy 2005). The entrepreneur here sees opportunities in the market and provides the necessary components to the market, (Lewis 2013). He also comes up with the idea of selling spare parts because there is potential of growing and expanding in future. When it comes to the manager, his focus is on sustainability of the company, ensuring that the existing resources can be used within the framework he is working in. in addition to that, the manager also focuses on the performance of the employees, ensuring that they give their best service to the company. When it comes to the employee, he/she is supposed to set goals which he/she wants to achieve while working in this company. The employee should also offer quality service so as to ensure the development of the company positively and lastly foster good working environments and relationships; for example employer-employee type of relationship, while at work, (University of Minnesota 2008).
One of the ideal behaviors that should be inculcated in this company is good relationships aim...
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