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Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) (Essay Sample)


The task is all about female genital mutilation as practiced in Kenya.This sample provides the solution to this culture after looking at both merits and demerits.

Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) is the partial or total removal of the external female genitalia-mostly the clitoris. In the tradition era, this process use to happen in the most brutal way although, the same still happen but there is the option of hospital based where an aesthesia is used. Religious, local structures and copying from neighborhood are the main reasons why this still happen in our contemporary societies. In Kenya this is a cultural practice in certain communities e.g. the Agikuyu, Samburu, Maasai, Pokot and Abagusi. The practice is fading away slowly due to reasons like education, compains by NGOs and also the Kenyan parliament. This practice has both negative and positive effects in the society.
The positive aspect of this depends with individuals. Some participant find the ritual as a ceremony that strengthen community values and create inter ethnic boundaries. Some girls psychologically feel upgraded from childhood to adulthood that make them ready to take up tasks in their societies e.g. marriage where in some cases, those who have not undergone this ritual cannot get married to certain people in the society. The fact that by removing a woman’s clitoris reduces her sexual urge, it relieves them of the vice of sexual promiscuity hence making them responsinsible and respectable women.
The practice has negative impact to both individual and the community. This are the reasons that renders it irrelevant in the current world-kenya.when not done properly, it lead to recurrent infections ,its very painful, and may also lead to fatal bleeding in the case of an emergency. Even those that are done in the hospital still renders one to various infections and other complications depending on how and where the procedure is being conducted. Transfer of infections such as HIV, Hepatitis, tetanus, septicemia, wound development and urinary tract infections can occur. It might result to other health complications such as scar formation which might block the urethra leading urine retention which causes infection to the bladder and up to the kedneys.It might result to serious infections leading to infertility.
Might lead to painful intercourse and low sexual urge leading to infidelity in men. Also result to holes that allow urine to sleep in the vagina making other medical diagnosis difficult. Some girls end up psychologically tortured.
In conclution, communities should stop FGM or make it optional since it demerits outweighs the ...
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