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Learning Team Charter Analysis (Essay Sample)


The paper is defines group and individual communication, and further,brings out the difference of the two communication categories.


Learning Team Charter Analysis
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Group communication is communication between three or more people. Small group communication is communication between three to twenty individuals. Large group communication is where more than twenty people communicate amongst themselves. Group communication is where people have a lot to share and practice them in common. One person passes information to a group of people (Hartley 1997).
Differences between Group and Individual communication
Group communication involves communication between three or more people. The communication depends on how somebody has deciphered the group’s goals and the group’s tradition. Additionally, group communication allows people to offer their views and contribute towards the achievement of the group. More so, people in group communication provide feedback to be looked at by group members, unlike the individual communication, where a person responds directly to one another (Burtis, Turman 2006). Furthermore, group communication is a difficult process. Individual raise their own opinion and want them to be considered when it comes to decision making of the group. This is how individuals contribute towards the group’s dynamism. In contrast, individual communication is communication between two individuals only; one individual interact with another (Hartley 1997).
Individual communication takes place between two people and; therefore individuals are sure of direct response. Unlike the group communication, individuals provide a response to one another directly since there is a continuous information exchange between individuals. These enable individuals to comprehend ideas and feelings of other people. Therefore, there is an immediate response in case of any communication. Group communication gives all individuals freedom to make their own contribution without choosing which individuals to make such inputs. Whereas, individual communication allows people exchange thoughts and opinions between two people. Unlike group communication, individual communication does not require prior knowledge of the goals and tradition of the two involved parties. Finally, the process of communication is not difficult because it permits contribution from two people only. On the other hand, group communication permits individuals to contribute their own thoughts and opinions, which makes the process difficult.
Strategies of promoting Individual and Group communication
Individual and group communication can be promoted by developing, nurturing and sustaining truthfulness, respect and desiring the best for others. In cases of misunderstanding between individuals, proper strategies must be set to solve differences amicably before the matter become worse. This is the best way of alleviating conflict between people because it cares for people feelings and other issues (Hartley 1997). The ability of individuals to listen keenly to hear inf...
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