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The Effect of Technology on Human Relationships (Essay Sample)


the paper answers the question \"how does technology affect human relationships?\"


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The Effect of Technology on Human Relationships
In this modern age, technology has taken a pivotal role in almost all spheres of human life. The rate at which modern technology is evolving is alarming. Almost every person in the world today owns or has an access to a high-tech device or material. These high-tech devices, which include cell phones for communication, computers for composing and receiving mails and documents , MP3 players to provide a channel through which one can hear listen to music in the go, cameras for capturing images, among other things. Technology has impacted people’s lives in different dimensions, and this influence is expected to persist way into the future. The purpose of this essay is to investigate and discuss the effects that technology
Modern technology has been hailed for the many positive effects it imparts on its users. For instance, with the evolution of the internet students are able to conduct online research for their courses. The internet has offers up to date information on different subject areas. Aside from aiding student academic research, the internet has also opened up the world of communication and commerce. E-commerce is that branch of commerce that has been benefited by the evolution of the internet. People are able to communicate in real time and get timely responses. The modes of communication facilitated by the internet include social media networking, e-mail, Voip calls among others.
How did Steve Jobs do it?
The internet as we know it connects people from different parts of the globe. It has revolutionized the way in which people conduct their private and public affairs. The emergence of the internet saw a corresponding evolution of high-tech devices which have the capability of gaining internet access. These devices differ in size, price and functionality. The major inventions in the tech world include as Bill Gates of the Microsoft brand and Steve Jobs of the Apple brand. These inventors are accredited with the invention of computing devices, some of which are gigantic and can fill an average room, and also for the creation of hand held devices that can fit in one’s pocket. These inventions that include computers, ipads, iphones, smart phones, have been hailed for the widespread access and use of the internet (Isaacson, 2011).
However, negative effects associated with the modern technology are often pushed under the rag. Although there is a widespread acclamation for the use of modern technology, we ought to gain an appreciation of the negative effects imparted on humans by modern technology. The exposure to this technology is not restricted by age ands as thus, young children can also get exposed to this technology. Owing to its ready availability, technology can confer negative effects to children and teenagers who are naturally known to be explorers. The exploration nature of these young minds exposes them to technology and does not provide a safeguard against its harmful effects.
A close analysis of technology reveals the manner in which it has affected general conduct among individuals. Of particular interest is the manner in which technology has affected attitudes, behavior and relationships. To clearly understand the effects that technology has on human relationships, we will now fine tune our discussing from the broad topic of technology and look at the social media as a component of technology. The social media is loosely defined as a platform that allows for information interchange between persons that are separated in space. This definition does not exclude the interchange of information that occurs between people that are in close proximity with each other. It is important to also add that the social media as a platform has been afforded success by the various innovations in the tech world. The social media comprises platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Tagged, MySpace, Skype, among others.
The internet and technology continue to experience accelerated growth. With the inventions pioneered by tech experts such as Steve Jobs and the continued innovation in the industry, there is no telling of the new spheres that technology will open up in the coming years. The society as we know it is rapidly changing as it experiences growth and there are no indications of its slowing down. The changes witnessed in the society emanate from the effects imparted on our lives by the internet and social networks. Inasmuch as these networks were created to enhance human relations, they have been able to do just the opposite. This new way of communication has successfully isolated people form their every day socialization and communication and has thrown them to a state of isolation which has further plunged them into loneliness. The social networks have also been instrumental in detracting people from face-to-face communication with their friends and family members.
According to Turkle (2010), the social networks were initially designed to make work easy. Instead of achieving this end, the computers have ended up connecting humans in a tethered network. Instead of keeping the computers busy, the computers have turned to keep humans busy. Turkle argues that the computers, networks and the internet often leaves its users spent.
Human beings, being social animals are likely to feel lonely when they lack people to interact with. Social networks offer a temporary solution to the problem of loneliness. It offers a source of virtual friends who fill the user with a sense of comfort and companionship. However, this feeling is short-lived and leaves the user depressed and lonely. It is easy to find “company” online but this company is not real. People can enjoy continual connection wit...
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