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Interpersonal Communication (Essay Sample)


This paper defines interpersonal communication and further describes some of the common aspects of interpersonal communication.

Interpersonal Communication Article
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Interpersonal communication involves a face-to-face communication between two parties who exchange feelings, messages and information. The two participants, who are in interdependent, are the sender and receiver of a message. Interpersonal communication has a strong feedback element because of its immediacy and primacy. Moreover, this communication is improved when the parties involved are in a long-term meaningful relationship. Additionally, it is characterized by both the verbal and non-verbal elements of communication. This communication is concerned with how a message is conveyed as well as the non-verbal communication passed through gestures, facial expressions, voice tone and body language (Speech Communication Association, University of South Florida. Dept. of Communication, 2000).
Interpersonal communication is used to discover, help and influence as well as share information between the participants. It can be can be categorized into: dyadic communication where only two individuals are involved; group communication, which involves three or more people; public communication that involves a big group with one-way style of producing minimal feedback.
Aspects of Interpersonal Communication
There are several aspects of interpersonal communication (IPC) and this includes:
IPC is a process of continuous adjustment
In IPC, the participants may share a common system signals like the language being utilized. If there is a difference in language systems, then communication is bound to be hindered. Individuals might have differing vocabulary as well as different non-verbal communication, and this implies that they must learn other people’s signals to pursue effective communication. Participants may share their own system of signals to smoothen communication.
IPC communications contain relationship dimensions and content
A message has both relationship and content aspects. In a communication, the content may be sim...
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