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Importance of Your Study Writing Assignment Paper (Essay Sample)


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Evaluate and сonstruсtіvely critique your classmate's discussion of the importance of her proposed research study. Indicate whether you agree or disagree with the importance of the study as described by your classmate. What suggestions do you have to help your classmate strengthen her importance statement?


Importance of your Study
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Importance of Your Study
Homeless people are disadvantaged individuals who are unable to acquire basic needs due to the situational circumstances barring them food, clothing and shelter. In many instances they are overlooked and ignored and when someone offers to assist them, he/she is unable to adequately meet all their needs. Majority of them do not know how to fend for themselves and result to begging or even crime. However, the situation would be different if they knew the different types of services offered by social services and how they would make use of them to change their state. This study is not only important but also necessary, since it will

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