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Intelligence test Social Sciences Essay Research Paper (Essay Sample)


Carrying out and decribing intelligence test and various types


Intelligence Test
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Many a times, it becomes difficult to fully comprehend a new piece of information till it makes sense. Getting to understand some information requires some hint that leads to one to understand the comprehensive nature of that piece. This can be through thorough rereading and paraphrasing the whole context to enable one come arrive into meaningful conclusion. Here, we’ll look at how to retrieve, encode and look deeply unto the meaning of the words rather than the appearance.
When I was still in campus and preparing for my cats and exams, it was important for me to remember the notes I was given rather than looking for the person who taught us. I could spend as much energy as possible to learn more new things as concentrate on the already stored information. Information learnt on ourselves can be recalled easily as opposed to the ones learnt from a different party.
The brain in itself has the ability to store as much information as possible. Memories from our childhood are still stored up to date because it distributes its components across a network of location hence storage and retrieval when we experience similar phenomenon. Hippocamus processes and stores facts collected. While it may store such information, it can only do that temporarily over some time. It only consolidate our memories, once expired it goes to the backroom. It is argued that during sleep, this part consolidates all the memories for retrieval to the cortex for a log storage. This happens even with us as some memories have fade with time.  (Englert & Bertrams, 2016.)

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