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Changes and Diversification in Intimate Relationships and Families (Essay Sample)


An essay on intimate relationship and family


Intimate Relationships and Family
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Intimate Relationships and Family
Over a past number of decades, there has been tremendous changes and diversification in intimate relationships and families. Today relationships face more challenges and uncertainties unlike in our parents and grandparents era. Statistics had shown that divorce cases had significantly increased since 1925 when only approximately 1% of marriages ended in divorce. The increase in the rate of divorce cases can be associated with the increased challenges and uncertainties currently facing intimate relationships and family. Today intimate relationships have evolved resulting to different forms of relationship such as transgendered, lesbian, bisexual, heterosexual and gay (DeGenova, 2008).
Over 50 years ago the family was defined as man and woman with at least one child cohabiting in a socially approved relationship. This definition has since evolved over time as circumstances and relationships change. Today families are defined to mean intimate social relationships created by people for the purpose of resource sharing to enhance their welfare and of their dependents. Marriage, on the other hand, is defined to mean a long-term relationship, sexual and economic, between a man and a woman that is socially approved and creates reciprocal rights and obligations of the spouses (DeGenova, 2008). The definition of marriage is also expected to change with time due to the emergence of different forms of intimate relationships such as lesbians and gays, which are likely to lead to marriage. However, the Church has not yet fully embraced the idea of same-sex marriage. Those for same-sex marriages have been advocating for the recognition of the human and civil rights of these persons and also the need for the church to permit gays and lesbians to make their commitments to church.
According to sociologist families being socially constructed are significantly influenced by social contexts which also inform personal decisions on intimate relationships. Different theories have been developed to explain families’ relationship, and do provide different perspectives on individuals and society experience on family life; such theories include feminism, functionalism, symbolic interactionism and conflict theory. Over the years changes in intimate relationships and families have resulted in increased cases of single parent families, same sex marriages, cohabitation, divorce, transnational families and delayed home-leaving. These trends have been influenced by factors such as ideological, economic, political and myriad social factors among others.
Today intimate relationships and families are faced with increased challenges unlike in early years where relationships were less challenging and faced fewer uncertainties. Some of the challenges faced by intimate relationships and families include gambling, alcoholism, drug abuse, careers and employment issues, infidelity among others (Strong, DeVault, & Sayad, 1998). With the government using the definition of marriage and family to develop social policies, these policies have had influences on the various aspe...
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