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Issue on Governance or Lack of It (Essay Sample)


The task was a peer response post where responses were to be directed towards fellow students. It was also directed in the instructions to use references to support ideas in the discussion. The instructions also requred that the task be one page and to offer a suitable response to the topic, which was on governance. The reponse was to either support or citic the point of view taken by another student.


Peer Response
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The post presents interesting views on the issue of governance or lack of it and its potential damage to citizens and companies in the affected countries. The emergence of violent non-state actors continues to be a pressing issue with potential ethical implications if not adequately addressed. Finding a working agreement with violent non-state actors is usually a challenging task. Such actors are considered criminal or terrorist entities established to achieve personal gain (Kleinschmidt & Palma, 2020). Therefore, when dealing with such individuals, it is critical to compromise where possible to ensure that they are not rattled as they may retaliate, resulting in fatalities.
As you have mentioned, taking the non-violent or non-extreme approach appears to be the most logical and applicable solution that will end in the parties involved being satisfied in the process. The option of bribing such extreme groups does not appear to be right. Corruption is a vice that affects human rights as it violates the foundation of social decency (Peters, 2018). However, it presents the best chance of events proceeding peacefully in this case.
The proposed approach of using a private military to respond to violent groups can lead to severe

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