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Labor Union Contracts (Essay Sample)


Discussion question on lengthy labor union contracts, wether it is beneficial or not TO both the employer and employee, And the extreme of going without a labor contract at all.


Union contracts
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Longer union contracts are not too risky and they appropriately protect the interest of both the employer and employee making them feel more secure. The benefits of longer union contracts include standardized wages. (Murphy, 2000). These contracts negotiated between the unions and management lay down the salaries to be received by employees according to various factors that are agreed upon. For example, the type of work, the amount of time the employee has been with the employer. These ensures higher negotiated salaries for the employee and a simplified way of managing the company’s payroll for the employer for a longer period of time.
Job security is higher and it benefits both the employer and employee. A higher job security ensures that the employer is assured of high quality work productivity. There is reduced worker turnover and the most experienced workers stay on the job for longer. (Murphy 2000). These ensures hiring and training costs are greatly reduced. Employees who are assured of high job security settle down and are able to advance their careers. Satisfied employees are able to work in a more relaxed atmosphere which is of great benefit to them as the stress levels at work are reduced.
Going without a union contract is highly d

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