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Leadership (Essay Sample)

Explaining how leadership can be transform A business source..
Leadership Name: Institution: Date: Leadership Transformational leadership is a leadership technique that guides individuals inspiring and challenging them to produce better results. In transformational leadership, a healthy environment is developed between a leader and his subordinates. The leader is able to motivate people to achieve a common objective. Effective leadership has a significant impact in a business environment where management bodies and subordinates work together to achieve a common objective. The aim of this paper is to measure leader effectiveness evaluating the seven behavioral characteristics discussed by Carless and Mann as the main criteria for measurement (Carless & Mann, 2000 P. 390). Tools for measuring leadership are many and vary an example is the Global Transformational Leadership Scale. The seven behavioral characteristics of effective leadership include vision, charisma, innovation, supportive leadership, staff development, and staff empowerment. On evaluation of the seven attributes, I obtained an average score of four with the least value in each category being one and the highest five. My workmate conducted the same evaluation on my leadership effectiveness and he gave me an average score of 3.7 (Carless & Mann, 2000 P. 390). The score, according to my evaluation was high, displaying that my leadership effectiveness had the potential of influencing my workmate’s relationship towards me and towards the company’s goals in a positive way. My workmate’s evaluation had a wide variation, as he had a different perception of certain leadership skills that I possess. On staff development, my teammate rated my effectiveness to be significantly lower than my perception of it and staff empowerment was rated slightly lower. I acknowledge that my perception of my qualities may not always be correct and I welcome these indications as an opportunity to better my leadership effectiveness. I believe that my leadership effectiveness is average not high and not low, my score is evidence of this. This score is a huge concern as leadership effectiveness directly signifies the type of output I will display in work environments. My leadership pattern has some strong attributes and some other weak characteristics. This implies that I will perform better on certain projects than others. To ensure that I can comfortable handle all my responsibilities, effort is required in improving some behavioral patterns that have low effective results. Focus on qualities such as empowerment of team members and staff development, will improve my leadership effectiveness (Bernard & Ronald, 2008 P. 17) Staff development simply involves enabling the staff to challenge their approach to work requirements by providing them with an environment where their skill sets can grow. For effective staff development, the leaders should give individual attention to team members so that he or she can have a clear understanding of staff abilities. The next step involves allocation of responsibilities according to the strengths of individuals. This will boost staff moral and they will achieve confidence in task execution. Through regular one on one session with team members where open communication is encouraged, I will be able to analyze their strengths and areas where improvement is necessary. During supervision, I will also initiate conversations with the staff and monitor progress in tasks. This will enable me to evaluate how each individual is coping with the responsibilities. Documenting my findings will be handful in allocation of future projects. In areas where I observe need for improvement in an individual, I will allocate relevant tasks and guide the person through the process encouraging the individual to embrace challenging environments. I believe that the results of these measures will be faster execution of projects and innovation employed in task execution, as the individuals will challenge their approach on tasks and improve work efficiency. Goal realization wil...
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