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Military Ethics Social Sciences Essay Research Coursework Paper (Essay Sample)


Why are the Army Values important? How can we utilize it for our everyday lives?


Why Are Army Values Important
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Army values combine some of the most relevant lessons for life. These values are taught and ingrained in the course of soldiers' training. However, their relevance and importance remain with them even after the battlefield. Moreover, these lessons can also be applied by civilians. They provide the necessary life skills to navigate the civilian world. Settings such as the corporate and business world, family, and career are best navigated with skills such as courage and honesty. The Seven Core Values that the military instills in all its recruits as soon as they step into boot camp can be summarized under the acronym LDRSHIP. The army teaches Personal Courage, Honor, Respect, Service and Devotion, Duty, and Integrity.
Loyalty implies utter belief and dedication to a cause. In the army, this is quite relevant because it inspires sacrifice on the part of the soldiers within the unit. In the civilian world, loyalty is an essential component of life within the corporate world. Bosses and corporate leaders will always appreciate and reward loyalty. Within a marriage, utter devotion to one's partner will doubtlessly add to the longevity of the union.

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