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Personal reflection on the self (Essay Sample)


Define the concept of the self in the social world. • Apply the self to your life, including self-concept, self-esteem, and self-efficacy. • Describe at least two social experiences that affected your personal development. • Conclusion


Personal Reflection on the Self
Student's Name
The quest for personal identity is present in every human being. The individual self maintains a relationship with the external world through creation of identities which are defined and discovered by associations and interactions. The self is extremely concerned with presentation and the external impressions made upon other individuals. The interplay between self-efficacy, self-esteem, self-concept and social influences provokes the need for an external social image that continually demands adaptation, accommodation, acknowledgement, and acceptance. Factors such as socioeconomic status, health, and age motivate certain behaviours that are directed by biases and personal interests.
Definition of the concept of the self in the social world
Self-awareness is affected by the correlation between the self and perception of other people which influences how the self adapts and responds to certain situations. Social interactions and relationships cause the self to evolve through redefinition and re-identification (Ross, 2008). The self has an innate capacity for self-preservation and self-protection and it uses cognition to maintain and support stability to its central character. In the social world, the concept of self is composed of believes about one self that help the individual to organize and process information about oneself. Self concept helps individuals to recognize and organize various features of their internal world which helps them to interact and integrate with others in the external world. The concept of self is shaped by self-descriptions, hopes, and ideas for positive outcomes; and simultaneous avoidance of visions of the dreaded or feared self (Riding & Rayner, 2011).
On the surface, it appears as if individuals know or understand themselves better than they understand or know any other person or thing, but upon deeper examination, it becomes apparent that self-knowledge is deeply flawed especially the personal perspectives of behavioural motivations. External influences on the self such as social and cultural influences are not visible to the self. The conscious behaviour and choice of an individual is often influenced and determined by unconscious processes and external observations, Individuals tend to down-play the significance of traumatic and stimulating events while exaggerating their capability to handle the situations (Riding & Rayner, 2010). The concept of self in relation to the social world is often biased, limited, and unquestionably wrong.
Apply the self to your life, including self-concept, self-esteem, and self-efficacy
Self-concept is influenced by daily and long-term failures and successes; comparisons to others; internally created social identities; the roles which one play; judgement of others; and culture (Ross, 2008). My most important schemas are those that identify me as a student, an intelligent ambitious young woman, and a respectful daughter. My potential selves include those of a thriving and brilliant psychologist, a trusted friend, a team player, and a role model to my siblings. On the parallel side of the continuum, is my innate fear of seeming biased, self-serving, unproductive, and self-righteous. During times of challenges and difficulties, I suffer from deep-seated fear of failing to achieve my set targets and goals. I selectively concentrate on the positive qualities of my desired self by relegating my fears and insufficiencies to the back of my mind. I thus perceive myself as better-looking, less prejudiced, and more intelligent than the rest of the people. My self-knowledge is deeply flawed since my self-identities, behaviours, and intentions are not based on reality.
Self-esteem can be defined as the individual sense of the worth of the self. Self-esteem influences the disparity between positive thought which leads to self-efficiency; and extreme self-confidence which motivates unrealistic goals and excessive narcissism (Larmore & Bowman, 2010). I deem my self-esteem to be average because even though my goals are ambitious, they are usually realistic. I relegate my fears and insufficiencies to the back of my mind so that I can cultivate compassion, tolerance and, understanding, to accomplish my aspirations. I am influenced by internal acclaim and praise and I am deeply affected by internal admonition and criticism. I strive to bring out the best in myself in myself and I try to block external criticism from my mind. As such, the greatest disappointments, and the powerful achievements in life contain equal experience and pleasure for me.
Self-efficacy refers to the determination of individuals to be effective and to achieve personal competency. The viewpoint from which individuals estimate self-efficacy is directly related to their tendency and ability to set and meet objectives and goals (Larmore & Bowman, 2010). It is also determined by the perseverance and consistency with which individuals undertake their tasks and surmount obstacles (Ross, 2008). I have a high level of self-efficacy since I set objectives that are above average, I am willing to confront all sorts of challenges, and I persevere to achieve my goals. I accept failure as a mandatory part of human life therefore failure does not discourage me; it only motivates me to learn from my mistakes and work harder so that I can succeed in my future endeavours.
Describe at least two social experiences that affected your personal development
My personal growth and development has been shaped by various experiences, but two of them stand out. One of them was when I was suffering from a fatal illness. Whenever friends showed sympathy towards me, I would become more irritated and I would shed tears due to being overwhelmed by a sense of helplessness. If they acted normally, the way they did when I was not sick, I would be very comfortable and hopeful that I would get well soon. The experience made me realize that I hate pity and I love to be independent and self-sufficient at all times. It ma...
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