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Political Science: President Barrack Obama Criticisms (Essay Sample)


Write an essay on criticisms of the former American president Barrack Obama as a leader.


President Barrack Obama Criticisms
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President Barrack Obama Criticisms
The administration and traits of American presidents is usually under criticism from the public and even within the political sphere. The article is one of the few criticisms of former American president Barrack Obama as a leader.
Primarily, Steele (2009) begins with noting that the American society is faced with a challenge with regard to the acknowledgement that racism is a factor that continues to thrive. However, in a bid to appear that racism is no longer part of their society, many choose to overlook it; as compared to the parable of the emperor’s new clothes whereby, the people chose to overlook that the emperor was actually naked.
Kozlowski (2009) however, presents a more intense critique of the former president describing him to being unfit as a leader. Ideally, subject to the fact that Barrack Obama was an iconic black figure, it is the postulation of Kozlowski (2009) that the American people only voted on basis of racial sophistication and not necessarily on merit. The critique goes as far as analyzing Obama’s capabilities to lead and the factors that led him to ascend to presidency. Primarily, the ascension was not because Obama gave up individuality but because he conformed to the societal standards. This...
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