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Poverty (Social Sciences/Social Issue) Social Sciences Essay (Essay Sample)


Write an essay on such social issue as poverty.
1. Provide the description of this social issue.
2. Analyze how your issue is discussed in the field of sociology. Which sociological theories are applied to discussing poverty?
3. What do sociologists claim about poverty in THE US society? What are their arguments?
Your essay should meet the following requirements:
1. Please follow the standard essay writing structure. Provide an introductory paragraph, a thesis statement, essay body paragraphs, and a concluding paragraph.
2. Please cover all aspects of the topic that are described above in your essay.
3. Number of sources to use in the paper: four (4) sources (APA 7th Edition). Please use only credible sources published within the past five (5) years. Use two (2) books and two (2) journal (scholarly) articles.
4. Please make sure your paper is plagiarism free. Any borrowed idea should be properly cited. Be sure to avoid copy-pasted sentences.
5. Be sure to follow quality standards for grammar, style, and principles of academic writing


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Poverty is an unresolved and obstinate social issue in all communities globally. Its history is shrouded in paradoxes, puzzles, failures, complicated changes, and worrying group and individual behaviors. Policymakers and politicians often apply partial solutions to the problem while simultaneously positioning themselves to demand absolution when the actions they recommend fail. Poverty is persistent because sociological perspectives on it, which influence resolution attempts, lack specificity; they give variable and expansive explanations of its nature, causes, and impacts. 
Description of Poverty
In ordinary usage, poverty refers to lacking material possessions or money to meet daily existence needs. It can either be absolute or relative, depending on its intensity (Brady & Burton, 2016). Absolute (or abject) poverty, also called destitution or penury, is an extreme lack or deprivation of food, water, shelter, and services, including education, health, sanitation, and information. It is dependent on both a lack of income and access to services. In monetary terms, penury is subsistence on less than the equivalent of one dollar per day (Atkinson, 2019). Contrarily, relative impoverishment draws parallels between one’s income and the prevailing average rate. Individuals or families are “relatively poor” if their earnings are 50 percent less than the average rate in a given locality, state, or country (Rai, 2019). The state of being “relatively poor” can improve with the enhancements in a country’s economy.

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