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Public Writing Social Sciences Essay Research Coursework (Essay Sample)


AN exploration of the term 'public writing' within the public adminstration discipline.
The sample paper considers different uses of public writing to verify the term's definition and premises in the discipline.


Public Writing
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Public Writing
The development of language is perhaps the most significant milestone in human evolution because it created a platform for communication and problem-solving. However, the emergence of writing marked a new phase in human history because they could now create records and address them at their convenience. Writing is frayed into several forms including public writing which is the subject of this discourse. Notably, public writing inherits some characteristics from the genre of writing such that it is also a means of communication which embodies language. However, public writing is unique from the other forms of writing because it is purposefully written for a public audience. In this regard, this genre encompasses any form of writing that ends up in the public domain for any given reason. For example, memoirs of famous historical figures are publicly available begging the question as to whether the writer’s intentions play any role when classifying their work.

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