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Why reasoning matters! Social Sciences Essay Paper (Essay Sample)


A critique on why reasoning matters


Why Reasoning Matters
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Question 1
The question analyzes a cigarette consumerist advertisement that is misleading to the populace. According to the ad, the cigarette is a product with health benefits. Thus, people should increase their consumption rates to improve their fitness, especially oral health. On the contrary, reality has it that cigarettes are one of the major cause of deaths in the world that arises mainly from cancer-related illnesses (GroarKe & Tindale, n.d). Therefore, the ad attached in the appendix section is manipulative and has illicit pleas to people's emotions. Besides, the advertisement could be considered as insulting, particularly to individuals who have scientifically proved that cigarettes cause major health illnesses such as lungs diseases and cancer (Bray, Ferlay, Soerjomataram, Siegel, Torre & Jemal, 2018). It appears offensive for a tobacco company to mislead the population so that people could increase the number of sticks that they smoke daily or switch from their brands to Camel's cigars as the ad insist that they are less or absolutely harmless.
The arguer in the advert is Camel the company that manufactures Camel's cigars. Their intended audience is all smokers in the country as well as the youths. Teenagers are usually easily preyed by such companies since they get influenced easily adverts. Therefore, companies often try to use the most manipulative language in their adverts to lure potential smokers and increase confidence in current smokers. The major opponents of this advert could be the ministry of health, researchers, and probably born-again Christians. Researchers would be the greatest opposers to such advertisements since they have conducted in-depth research and proved that cigarettes are actually silent killers (Gazdar & Zhou, 2018).

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