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Psychotherapy vs. Biological Therapy for Depression (Essay Sample)


compare and contrast Psychotherapy vs. Biological Therapy for Depression


Psychotherapy vs. Biological Therapy for Depression
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Psychotherapy vs. Biological Therapy For Depression
Depression is a condition that is associated with symptoms that persist in nature, and it requires urgent consultation of a doctor. APA (2016) describes depression as extreme sadness or despair that lasts for days. The common signs are drowsiness and weight gain, dry mouth, insomnia, low libido, sweating and physical agitation among others. What is most important to note about depression is that it is characterised by a low mood and an inability to feel happy even when it is obvious that one should be. The two primary methods that are used to treat depression are psychotherapy and biological therapy (NHS, 2016). An analysis of the administering, effectiveness, and weaknesses of both psychotherapy and biological therapy reveals that they have to work in tandem if success is to be achieved in treating depression.
Understanding Depression
Depression is an often thrown around buzzword although few understand what it entails. In rather simplistic terms, APA (2016) defines depression as extreme sadness or despair that lasts more than days. The major symptoms of depression include low libido, insomnia, sweating, physical agitation, dry mouth, difficulties in concentrating, and chronic pain (NHS, 2016). However, what is important to note is that, all these result from prolonged stress/sadness that lasts for days. Depression is ranked fourth regarding the risk of high burden disease, and by 2030, it is estimated to lead the list in developed countries (Linde et al., 2015). 

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