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Increased Sexually Transmitted Infections among the Elderly (Essay Sample)


using APA, write an essay on explaining why there is an increase in Sexually Transmitted Infections among the Elderly


Increased Sexually Transmitted Infections among the Elderly
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Increased Sexually Transmitted Infections among the Elderly
It may sound like a shock that the elderly are increasingly contracting sexually transmitted infections at a higher rate as compared to younger people. As a matter of fact, statistics gathered from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reveal clearly that adults aged 50 years and above account for half of the population that is living with HIV in the United States (U.S Department of Health and Human Services, 2014). This shows that age is not a factor in the contraction of sexually transmitted infections as long as an individual is sexually active. This paper, therefore, digs deep to uncover the main reasons as to why the elderly are the ones contracting STIs more than any other age segment by critically discussing three main reasons for the shocking statistical trend.
Reasons for Increase in STIs among the Elderly than the Youth
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