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Why is Preparation so Important for Negotiators. Social Sciences Essay (Essay Sample)


the task was about the importance of preparation for negotiators


Why is Preparation so Important for Negotiators?
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Why is Preparation so Important for Negotiators?
Negotiations take place on a daily basis in different settings such as political, economic and social scenarios. It presents a better way of solving conflicts other than avoidance or violence.
Negotiations are known to be a difficult task as they are complex and unstructured which may require some kind of support in terms of decisions and preparedness. Negotiators are prone to certain social emotional factors and biasness, which may prevent them from attaining high negotiation results. Some of the shortcomings that negotiators may face include difficulties in determining required solutions, wrong approaches to the negotiations, and poor communication. Preparation before negotiations is important especially for negotiators with a high uncertainty; this may prove significant if they had developed a low limit for risk perception. 

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