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Prisoner Disenfranchisement: Do Prisoners Deserve the Right to Vote? (Essay Sample)


Do prisoners deserve the right to vote? Take a side and clearly discuss your answer.


Prisoner Disenfranchisement: Do Prisoners Deserve the Right to Vote?
This essay answers the following question: do prisoners deserve the right to vote? In answering the question, this author will argue that the right to vote is inherent to democratic societies and governments do not have the right to award it, and therefore, cannot curtail it.
Voting sustains democracies and denying prisoners the right to vote, in effect, denies them the right to become a valuable and rehabilitated member of a democratic society. Historically, dysfunctional democracies are characterized perhaps exclusively by denying segments of the population the right to vote (Acharya, Blackwell & Sen, 2016; Jackson, 2017).

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