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Ramifications of Australia Wild Fires Social Sciences Essay (Essay Sample)


Investigate the ramifications of Australia wild fires


Ramifications of Australia Wild Fires
Australian wildfires have been one of the major perils that have been faced by humans and animals for a long period of time. In the 2019-2020 fire seasons, it became a worldwide concern since more than 20 million hectares of land were razed, something that has never been witnessed before, or anywhere else in the world. According to CNN reports in January 2020, the fires burned as much as twice land being the Amazon and California world fires combined. These fires have very serious consequences to life both in the short term and in the long run ( Sharples 2016). The fires were named to be a humanitarian, environmental and health emergency for the damage it caused to human and animal life including death of 27 people and almost one billion animals.
The immediate consequence of the fires was the physical destruction of 18 million hectares of land which includes the forest land, grasslands and the agricultural land. It was also reported that approximately 5900 buildings were razed down which included 2800 homes. This has seen a loss of livelihood especially due to the loss of agricultural land and town centers which the residents of Australia especially in New South Wales. It was also reported that approximately 8,400 koalas perished in the fire and in South Australia’s Kangaroo Island lost approximately 50% of the koala population (Hayward 2016). This affected the whole biodiversity considering also other animals and insects perished.

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