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Rich Countries Should Pay More For Environmental Damage (Essay Sample)


It is about reasons as to why Rich Countries Should Pay More For Environmental Damage.


Rich Countries Should Pay More For Environmental Damage.
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Should Rich Countries Pay More For Environmental Damage?
Environmental damage is happening at a very high rate. In the last one hundred years, environmental degradation has transpired more than ever before (Acemoglu & Robinson, 2012). Both countries, both poor and rich share an equal blame concerning environmental damage. These countries have turned a blind eye to environmental conservation and are busy working on other development agenda destroying the environment. However, in my view, rich countries need to contribute more towards environmental fixation than poorer countries.
First, wealthy nations have many resources. These resources need to be used in fixing the environment. Even though there is a set principles regarding pollution; the rich countries need to take the mantel in safeguarding the environment. The simple reason is, they have money. Money is all that is required to make our environment a healthier place to live (Chen, 2014).
Secondly, The Earth is mostly made up of a non-renewable resource. Rich countries need to reduce their fuel consumption. Oil is a nonrenewable resource (Cookson, 2014). These countries need to cut down on their fuel consumption to safeguard it for future generations.
Multinationals from the rich countries have established companies in the poorer countries. These companies pollute the environment. They release their wastes into rivers and other water catchment areas. The rich nations need to step up and make these companies clean their mess. They either clean any wastes they release to the environment or pay for the amount pollution done.
Rich countries need to step up a clean the mess. Environmental conservation is not about how much money they spend, but it is about saving the earth. These wil...
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