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H.R. 1838: Social Security Child Protection Act of 2019 (Essay Sample)


select a social policy bill proposed in Congress or the State Legislature upon
which to write a policy brief. The bill selected should be of interest to social work professionals.
Selecting and researching the bill should begin early in the term. Searching the web using the
bill’s number or title using a search engine such as Google or can assist you
in finding information about a particular bill.
The Policy Brief will be 8 to 10 (double-spaced) and should be typed using the APA 6th edition
format for citations and references. The Policy Brief must include the following sections.
1. Provide a brief introduction of the issue addressed by the bill.
2. The bill’s history (how did the bill come about), what the bill seeks to accomplish, and the
ways in which this proposed legislation relates to other current (already enacted) social
policies. Include in this section the bill number and title.
3. The values underlying the bill.
4. The environmental, economic, organizational, global, historical, social, or cultural factors
that influence or shape the issue addressed by the bill. In other words, situate the issue within
the broader social context. Identify at least two of these factors and provide empirical data to
support this section.
5. What are the groups or individuals who support and oppose this bill? What are the political
challenges that relate to this bill? In other words, why is there support or lack of support for
this bill?
6. What is the potential impact of this bill should it become law? Use empirical data and
research to support your assertions.
7. What is the potential impact of the bill on human rights and social justice as well as social
welfare and services?
8. Reasons or rationale for your support or opposition of the legislation.
9. Changes you would make to this proposed legislation.
10. Identify one form of advocacy that you could take for this bill and identify whether this
action is taking place at the micro, mezzo, or macro level. Discuss why this is the best advocacy
11. Conclusion


The Social Security Child Protection Act of 2019 Policy Brief
Student’s Name
Institutional Affiliation
The Social Security Child Protection Act of 2019 Policy Brief
Social security and child protection is essential in any given country as it safeguards the rights of children and ensures they access basic requirements. Social protection for children incorporates a set of policies that help children to reach and maintain adequate living standards and good health. In its basic form, a social protection policy should comprise of basic income security, provide access to care, education, nutrition, and other necessities, and essential healthcare that meets the availability, quality, and accessibility criteria. In most states, children encounter challenges in accessing these services, which lowers their quality of life. Therefore, by providing essential income security and healthcare to children, social security and child protection policies play a pivotal role in preventing poverty and inequalities. These policies are also crucial because they support child development, stimulate economic growth, and enhance social cohesion. The Social Security Child Protection Act of 2019 is a move by the Congress to ensure that children have access to essential services and lead a quality life.
H.R. 1838-Social Security Child Protection Act of 2019: Bill History
The H.R. 1838-Social Security Child Protection Act of 2019 was introduced in House on 21 March, 2029, by Marchant, Kenny a representative for Texas. The bill seeks to amend the Social Security Act, tittle II, and instigate the reissuance of Social Security account numbers to children under the age of 14 in cases where the confidentiality of the card was compromised during shipment.

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