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Social work theory and practice Social Sciences Essay (Essay Sample)


The Relationship between Social Work Theory and Practice


Social Work Theory and Practice
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The Relationship between Social Work Theory and Practice
The relationship between social work theory and practice has been a subject for debate among social work experts for a long time; in the argument, some scholars support the use of theory in practice while others criticize its relevance. Theories draw their knowledge base from observed human behavior under various stimuli and hence help to explain and predict outcomes of practice interventions. In summary, social work theory is critical in practice since it informs decisions made by practitioners; conversely, theory offers overwhelming knowledge that can be challenging to apply in common practice.
Since theory comprises of a body of knowledge drawn from various situations globally, it offers crucial evidence-based guidelines that can be crucial to social workers. Hence, theory is valuable in practice as it provides reasoned explanations of client situations and their resultant behaviors(Adams, Dominelli, & Payne, 2017). Secondly, theory enables social work practitioners to develop a foundation for practice from where they can anchor their working plans and accountability (Adams, Dominelli, & Payne, 2017). Finally, it is through theory that social workers can conceptualize clients’ challenges and come up with suitable interventions (Adams, Dominelli, & Payne, 2017). Therefore, social work theory is critical in practical application since it is the source of knowledge that bridges the gaps in practice

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