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The Gender Debate and the Changing Gender Roles (Essay Sample)

The Gender Debate and the Changing Gender Roles source..
The Gender Debate and the Changing Gender Roles Student’s Name: Institutional Affiliation: The Gender Debate and the Changing Gender Roles The debate on gender definition as well as gender liberation is one of the most dominant topics in the modern society. Gender liberation has been characterized by the quest of the modern society to redefine the term gender. Traditionally, the term gender has been closely associated with a person’s sex at birth and also the social established gender roles that characterize one’s gender. As such, the society expects one to act or behave in a way that the assigned gender is supposed to behave and any nonconformity is considered as a taboo. However, as the society undergoes changes, it is clear that the definitions of gender as well as the gender roles are also changing. As such, the question driving the debate is what is gender and is related to sex? Traditionally, the societal expectations in terms of gender were based on sex. As such, members of the society were expected to be cisgender. They thereby had to conform to the gender of their assigned sex at birth. Being born male, one had to conform to the assigned gender roles that were assigned to the male gender. One had to behave or act in a certain way, the mode of dressing was also defined, there were established dances and songs assigned to the male gender as well as how one should talk and relate to members of one’s gender and the opposite gender. However, as the world changes, the ...
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