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Culture Awareness, Understanding And Acceptance (Essay Sample)


The essay was to define culture as well as outline the importance of multicultural education


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Answers to part A
The graphical organizer reflects personal thoughts on respecting cultural differences and avoiding cultural bias in an education setting.. Multi cultural education will develop multicultural competence, curriculum reform, equity pedagogy and social justice. The illustration is below in a graphical organizer.
(Cultural teachings, classroom environment and students achievements)
Equity pedagogy
Social actions and
Popular cultures
Multi cultural education social justice
Multicultural competence
Prejudice reduction & identity development
Curriculum reforms
History inquiry and detecting of bias in the media
The curriculum needs reforms in order to facilitate inclusion of the curriculum theory. This will help educators and students to detect bias in books, in the media and other reading materials. It is high time publishers and writers became objective and try not to undermine the beliefs of others. Most educative materials are bias and do not have a global perspective. It is therefore time there is a change to the approach of doing things.
The society is not equal since some are advantage unlike some. Educational opportunities are not available for all. Equity pedagogy aims at providing equal opportunities to all in the society. Transforming of the schools will help in promoting national unity and harmony.
Multicultural competency helps an individual to improve his or her way of perceiving, believing, evaluating and problem solving. The fact is people are self-centered and do not care about others. Cross cultural interaction and exchange is slowly making people understand the important of cohesion.
There is inequality in the society because of stereotypes and tendencies of prejudice. There are many myths about other people's culture and this has a negative effect on how communities relate. Some communities make others feel inferior causing hatred and animosity. Lack of cultural interaction is the main cause to the problem. It is hence important for stakeholders to embrace multicultural education system since it will provide solid solutions that are long term.
Answers to part B and C
Culture refers t the knowledge, values, experience, attitudes, religion, concepts of the universe and spatial relationships developed by a group of individuals through both group and individual striving. Culture also entails the patterns of behavior developed and transmitted fr...
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