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Understanding the Strength Revolution, Creativity and Leadership (Essay Sample)


Reading assignment rath & conchie strengths-based leadership and watchin a 5-minutes video about strengths revolution by marcus buckingham


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Marcus Buckingham's theory about the 'Strengths Revolution' is inspiring, and in fact, could be the critical pathway to finding oneself. His description and understanding of the word strength is deep and researched, combining many different ideas at once to bring out his perception of the meaning of strength. He believes that everyone has some strength lying inside them, and all that it takes is a deep dive to the inside to find the true strength in a person (Parsa, 2012). This he describes by insisting on coming to an understanding with oneself, to find out the activities that leave a substantial impact on a person, and compare them to the activities that leave the person weaker. In his theory, he describes that as much as people may have these strengths in them, they are also likely to have weaknesses in them, which they should strive to comprehend to focus on building on the strengths rather than focusing on the weaknesses.

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