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Why are Female Superheroes Not Common (Essay Sample)


Why are female superheroes not common in movies/comic books?


Why Female Superheroes are Not Common in Movies/Comic Books
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Why Female Superheroes are Not Common in Movies/Comic Books
Males are evident to play heroic parts in most movies/comic books compared to females. Superheroes have to be tough, resilient and able to survive hard times, of which most males can stand. Contrarily, females are most attractive and seductive. This essay elaborates on why females rarely feature as superheroes in movies/comic books.
First, females possess less physical powers, unlike an average superhero in movies /comic books. According to Shendruk (n.d.), the dominance of females in physical abilities is minimal, and wherever they occur, they are abounded to gender stereotypes. The implication of a superhero always alters the ego of a society. According to Dunne, 2006, Superhero “roles are diverse and typically prestigious,” p2, but females rarely take the major upward tasks to play. Comic books/movies not only serve for pleasure, but they reflect society. Hence, just like in ordinary situations, females should not be violent. Violent women are considered unnatural and against gender stereotypes. This limits females featuring in movies as superheroes.
Females tend to survive through teamwork, unlike males, who individually possess multiple abilities using various weapons. According to Miller et al. (2016), females mostly work in groups are often appear as supplemental characters meaning their survival is weak and dependent, unlike males who are masculine, strong, and capable of fending for themselves. Unlike an average superhero who expected to be strong and withstand struggles, females depict dependence, which weakens them and lowers their status in movies/comic books.
In conclusion, there are rarely female superheroes in movies/comic books because of gender stereotypes tied to females. Females tend to require colleague support to withstand s

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