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Authentication and Information Technology Security (Essay Sample)


The VArious threats to information security.


Authentication and Information Security
The advent of the technological age was heralded as a watershed moment for mankind. The innovation and enterprise of the previous generations had culminated in the technological and information age that is currently being enjoyed. People can now run their businesses and perform financial transactions in the comfort of their homes. Things are more convenient than they were before. The information age has however come with its negative impacts, such as the threat to information.Three articles by Darril Gibson, Mellisa Killian and Chample offer a discussion on authentication and information security.
Authentication and information security are like different parts of the same body. Authentication safeguards information and is, therefore, a factor of information security. Authentication can be defined as the process in which the system and also an individual proves what he or she claims to be (Killian, 2015).To access a system, for example, one would be required to give the required details.Authentication then comes in when the system requires the person to prove he or she is the legit owner of those details.
There are three examples of authentication. First is the authentication that requires personal proof. It is the arguably the safest and, therefore, the toughest to crack for any identity thieves. It involves the system requiring proof of one’s identity through physical characteristics, such as the iris or fingerprint (Killian, 2015).The biometric confirmation of such features would then enable the system authentication. The second kind of authentication is by proof of what one has. By proof of what one has, the system interprets the individual as a registered member. For example, an individual can be authenticated by the system if he or she has a tag or access card (Gibson, 2011).
The final example of authentication is through the use of what one knows. It is a straightforward process that calls for the knowledge of passwords or security access codes. It doesn’t involve any biometric authentication or any other physical proof of the same. Here, the password or security code is the one and only line of defense. It is also the easiest to be manipulated since one can know the password but isn’t authorized to access certain information (Gibson, 2011).
Knowledge of authentication and information security is very important for anyone enjoying the current technological advancements. Interconnectivity through the internet has ensured that data is easily accessible from any part of the world (Chample, 2002).Nowadays, online transactions are commonplace through wireless money transfer. Online payment platforms, such as PayPal and Payoneer, require more and more privacy on the side of its users. The password should be an extremely private matter for anyone accessing his or her information through the online platform.
Hackers and other cybercriminals are always on their toes, trying to come up with ways in which they can gain access to people’s personal information. It is as a result of this that most systems opt for the two-step authentication process (Chample 2002).It entails the combination of either of the two earlier mentioned examples of authentication. For example, to access information, the system can request for the password and then it sends a one-time code to one's phone.The pho...
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