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Benefit of technology Technology Essay Research Paper (Essay Sample)


Research In ther beefit of TECHNOLOGYg


Benefits of Technologies
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Benefits of Technologies
In the contemporary realm, technology has wholly been infused in people’s lives. From voice commands in our residents to smartphones, electronic gadgets such as DVDs, TVs, and TVs derive evident benefits. The utilization of technology is not limited to our homes, but it is significantly used at schools and workplaces. Thus, we need to remain updated and adopt emerging technology to maximize the vast benefits that accompany the same.
One of the crucial benefits offered by technology regards the ease of accessing information. With the invention of the internet, the globe has been turned into a small social village. An individual in Asia can communicate with another in the US to click a button from the comfort of their homes. Through social media platforms, we access instant news from different parts of the globe as they happen.
Technology has also enhanced the student’s learning experience in the education sector as teachers continue to integrate it into their teaching mode. As the covid-19 pandemic persisted, most teachers switched to online teaching where students could access lectures and study materials through the internet. Through the use of Lock-down browsers, students can even undertake their exams online. That went a long way in preventing wastage of time when the government called for a lock-down of some vital economic activities.

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