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Can Solar and Wind Provide for All Our Needs? Technology Essay (Essay Sample)


The instructions for this task were on whether solar and wind can provide for all the needs of people in a country. this samples brings a discussion as per the instructions. IT discusses whether wind and solar can manage to meet and sustain all the needs of people in a given country.


Can Solar and Wind Provide for All Our Needs?
Can Solar and Wind Provide for All Our Needs?
Solar and wind energy are among the available renewable sources of energy. Although the non-renewable sources of energy such as gas and oil, will finally be used up, sun and wind energy will always be present every day. They can never be used up. All fossil fuels have high stability as energy sources (Scheer, 2013). However, their stock will eventually come to an end. Therefore, their exhaustion will call for the need to use sustainable energy sources such as wind and solar, whose potential has no limits. Although they do not have a consistent supply, they can provide for all the energy needs of people in a particular country (Scheer, 2013). A country can achieve this by ensuring that the right capital investments are put in place for these renewable energy sources to become viable.
Solar and wind energy always have fluctuation in terms of time and also space. However, the two energy sources fluctuate in patterns that complement each other. During the summer, solar energy always has the highest generation amounts (Hodgson, 2010). However, the generation amounts drastically fall during winter. Fortunately, the quantities of wind energy produced are still high during winter. Most wind turbines still work and generate power at night, even when the solar panels are not active (Hodgson, 2010). These different complementing fluctuations can help maintain stability in the amount of energy produced by the two sources.

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