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A Description Of The Evolution Of The Cellular Phone Till Nowadays (Essay Sample)


The essay is a description of the evolution of the cellular phone.

Cellular Phone Evolution Name: Institution: Cellular Phone Evolution Technology has become a crucial aspect of today’s world. Various appliances such as TV’s, refrigerators, and mobile phones exist due to technology. The cellular telephone continues to evolve every day with new capabilities and updates to the installed applications. The global community uses the mobile phone to make voice calls, take photos, connect to the Internet, and monitor health among other uses. The technology used to develop traditional phones is different from the new mobile technology. The phone is evolving to a multi-function appliance that has applications in intelligent environments such as controlling appliances and cognitive capabilities. In 1946, AT&T set up the first mobile telephone service in St. Louis, Missouri. The phone could only support three simultaneous calls. In 1983, Ameritech developed the first commercial cellular telephone in the United States (Ghosh, Zhang, Andrews, & Muhamed, 2011). The Advanced Mobile Phone Service (AMPS) operated in Chicago and its suburbs. Early enhancements in processing capabilities of the telephone systems initiated the evolution of 2G wireless systems. The 2G digital cellular network improved voice quality, security of the mobile applications, and the development of new programs. Moreover, the 2G system led to the development of Short Messaging Service (SMS), which attracted a considerable number of subscribers. Now, the world has over 4.2 billion customers using the Global Systems for Mobile Communications (GSM), which is a product of the 2G wireless system. Mobile phones represent a significant building block in many ubicomp systems (Roduner, Langheinrich, Floerkemeier, & Schwarzentrub, 2007). The computing capabilities of mobile phones make them suitable gadgets for performing interactive services in intelligent surroundings. The advancements in technology enable the mobile phones to control smart environments such as tag detection. The addition of Near Field Communication (NFC) allows the cellular phones to discover and read out passive RFID-tags (Roduner et al., 2007, p.2). Additionally, the sophisticated camera phones can read 2D barcodes on paper. The programmable screen and keyboard enable the mobile phone to provide additional data detailing the condition of an appliance. The programmable display can customize the user interface of the machine in situations where there is limited space on the device. The sophisticated capabilities enable households to use the cellular phone as a universal remote console. The technology on smartphones allows the gadgets to understand the life patterns of the users such as health and daily chores. Today’s smartphones consist of powerful processors and inexpensive embedded sensors (Campbell & Choudhury, 2012). Apple’s Siri utilizes voice recognition technology to respond to questions, issue requests, and formulate recommendations. Google’s BeWell app monitors user’s behaviors. The application observes sleep patterns and provides recommendations on the suitable sleep duration. The app uses a weighted score that enables users to track their progress. Low scor...
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