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Differences Between RFC 1058 and 2453 Technology Essay (Essay Sample)


Differences Between RFC 1058 and 2453


Differences Between RFC 1058 and 2453
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Differences Between RFC 1058 and 2453
The Routing Information Protocol (RIP) has two primary versions that support the Internet Protocol version 4. They include RIPv1 and RIPv2. The paper focuses on the differences between the Request for Comment (RFC) 1058 and RFC 2453.
RFC 1058 is the initial dynamic routing protocols that were used on the Internet. The primary reason behind its development was to pass network reachability information, which is now known as topologies. Currently, RIPv1 is broadly used in the private network. RFC 1058 is a classful routing protocol. RIP data packets have no prefix masks (Halpern, 1996). The length of the prefix is inferred from an address. In particular, non-local addresses have a natural prefix, which is 24 bits. One cannot use RIPv1 with variable length subnetting (Hedrick, 1988). Moreover, it cannot be used in supernetting. RIPv1 has a simple distance vector protocol, and it must involve Poison Reverse and Split Horizon to perform in complex networks.

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