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Environmental Science Technology Essay Research Paper (Essay Sample)


Renewable Energy Development in Hong Kong


Renewable Energy development in Hong Kong
Renewable Energy Development in Hong Kong
According to Sneideman & Brinesh (2016), renewable energy is a form of energy that naturally replenishes. It can be generated from the sun, rain, wind, geothermal heat, and tides. Renewable energy is also called clean energy since it comes from natural sources; thus, it has no harmful emissions to the atmosphere. Cao & Bluth (2012) define energy security as terms; reliable, affordable, and environmentally sustainable. Hence, for renewable energy development to work, it must possess the three traits to ensure success. Thus, as industrialization and modernization intensify, the demand for sustainable energy increases. For Hong Kong to meet the increasing energy demand, the government will have to embrace renewable energy sources, and thus, renewable energy will become a major local source of energy in the next ten to twenty years.
One of the reasons why renewable energy will be a better energy solution in Hong Kong energy security is the advanced Hong Kong technological development. According to the Hong Kong Trade Development Council (2018), Hong Kong has a hi-tech infrastructure, and this means that the decision to embark on renewable energy development will be viable.

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